Dillon, CO


In the late 1880s, there was  no lake at Dillon but there were three rivers coming together where a trading post and a cluster of cabins were located.  That was, until, Denver needed water storage in the high country.  The town was relocated to the northeastern shore of the lake and when the reservoir was completed in 1963, Dillon changed forever. 

Now the little town by the river has become the little town on the lake with a wide variety of things to do and see!  Microbreweries and a summer concert series performed in the Lake Dillon Amphitheater offer culture and fun all close at hand.   While there, plan a visit to the Summit Historical Society’s Museum, and get a look at the history of the area before you take off on your downhill run!

Find that perfect vacation home with your Realtor and enjoy the lake and its marina with your neighbors and your new friends.  You can even take sailing lessons from professionals who teach you the difference between stem and stern while enjoying a beautiful day on the crystal blue waters.  Bring a picnic basket, throw a line in at the Marine Park, and enjoy a beautiful day outside at Dillon for your vacation, but be prepared, you’re going to love it so much, you’ll be adding days to your holiday, and not want to leave! 
Kristin Corsette
Kristin Corsette
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